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Offre de stage : web-editor, community manager sur : Offre de stage

web-editor, community manager

Secteur d'activité: Internet agency

Poste : Editorial, marketing

Début :

Durée: min. 1 month

Improve your knowledge of the French language and gain invaluable work experience abroad! Bulb in Blue is a partner-site of the France-based craft and DIY project indexing site Blue Marguerite. We are looking for interns to help with the advancement of the website. Responsibilities include translation, volunteer translation management, development of editorial partnerships, journalism, and team building. We want to help you develop your strengths and find the niche you'll enjoy the most for the duration of your internship.

At Bulb in Blue, you'll learn the ins and outs of managing an informative website as you work in Paris with our dynamic team of entrepreneurs and other interns.

Do you like the online community of the Internet? Do you like DIY? Do you like writing and translating? Do you like communication? Do you like developing international relations? Do you want to live in Paris and experience the heart of French culture and living? This internship is for you!

Native English speaker with excellent writing skills
Good linguistic intuition (understanding the logic of languages)
Good level of French
Other languages are welcome
Basic computer skills (Word, Excel, Internet...)
Knowledge of HTML and Photoshop a plus (but can be taught during internship)
Other languages a plus but not required

Areas of study accepted:
Marketing, Advertising, PR


Experience Required? No

Participants travel to France independently. Help will be provided for finding housing and obtaining work papers.

Application process involves:
Phone Interview