Traducteur, Correctrice, Editrice, pour toute sorte de documents, et divers champs de compétences comme le marketing, droit...
code JC-57-201509-273 on en France

Je suis bilingue Français/Anglais, Je sais que je veux être traductrice depuis le collège, Je suis traductrice depuis plus d'un an sur le site Elance, où j'ai commencé à avoir des contrats rémunérés en traduction. A chaque nouvelle traduction, je gagne en expérience.

MR Je... C...


BEUX 57580 Fr

Expertise :

In the following industries:
Marketing, droit, finances

Fields of practice:
Finances, Marketing, droit

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Autre Services Generaux Direction Juridique

Types of interventions:
Traductions, corrections, edition

Training courses attended:
TOEIC Anglais en cours
DU coréen

Baccalauréat Littéraire
Une année en Licence d'Anglais.
TOEIC en cours


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: En 0 0

Some references:
Genie and the Geek
Claim Flights

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efficient, great work and on schedule. Recommend!” “Great quick response and
effort - much appreciated! Project award to final product in less than 2 hours!

I am a native French speaker. I am a professional Translator since 2008, first
as a translator for fan pages and now as a full time translator on Elance.

I can provide proficient translations from English to French, French to
English, Spanish to English, Spanish to French and I can work also on audio
transcriptions in English and French.

I have a bachelor certificate in literature from a French High school. And I’m
getting prepared to pass the TOEIC test here in France.

My experience covers a vast scope of fields, including listings on eBay and
Amazon, marketing, travel, fashion, anatomy, law, etc; a large number of
clients such as Genie and the Geek, Claim Flights, PL Berger..., and different
supports for instance: web sites, children's books, novels, etc.

Can work on excel, word, wordpress, etc.

My experience in translation is always growing and I keep learning from them. A
true translator has to learn constantly to adapt himself to cultures,
societies, the constant evolution of languages, etc. I am also an extremely
hard-working, responsible and mature worker, who enjoys working on new

Working for clients who needed a translation with a short deadline, I manage to
learn how to work fast without removing the quality of my work. Thanks to them,
I can provide you with a fast work that still fulfils completely your needs and

If you want to learn more about my services, please be sure to check out my
service description on Elance and my reviews from my clients.

I have a passion for foreign languages and an excellent experience in
proofreading and editing.

In addition, I have writing skills; I'm inventing stories since my teen years,
and i used to write articles in my school newspaper. So if you need a writer,
as long as we are on the same page, I can provide you with an excellent work.
I'm currently working as an article writer for a blog on Wordpress.

Because I possess the unique ability to predict a customer's needs I believe
that I would be a great asset to your project. With my years of translation
experience I believe I have a lot to offer.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Low and reasonable rate.

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