Traductrice juridique et littéraire français - anglais. Très flexible et travaillant à distance selon différentes zones horaires.
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French bird who is traveling the world currently based in the middle east, I have been travelling for the last three years and had the chance to discover the wonders of our beautiful world. This choice of travelling, writing and translating has been done after a successful and bright lawyer career.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Droit, juridique, littérature, finance, tourisme, ressources humaines, multimédia

Fields of practice:
Droit, propriété intellectuelle, littérature

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Autre Documentation Direction Juridique

Types of interventions:
Traduction anglais - français

Training courses attended:
WIPO Summer School on IP 2015
Master 2 DJCE

Master 2 Droit des affaires DJCE / LLM American legal studies
Washington D.C Bar
Barreau de Paris


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: En 0 0

Some references:
Agence de traduction juridique
Cabinets d'avocats

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poetic 33 years old woman. I studied hard to become an international business
lawyer and finally decide that discovering the world we live in was what I was
made for. I decided to resign from a well paid job and travelled the world. I
am writing, translating and getting rich everyday of the beautiful encounter
and surprises of life.

I used to
be specialized in intellectual property law and know exactly what an author
would think when it comes to have his or her work translated in another
language. I also can provide for advice on these legal aspects if required.

I am very
open minded, hard working and very rigorous when it comes to work. I have been
translating legal and other business documents for renowned translation
agencies using my technical skills to this task.

I am also
writing for my leisure and have some project under progress.

I am very
flexible travelling in different time zone. I would be very happy to discuss
your translation project with you and look forward to a lot of successful

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